Crossroads 2003 A-List Award Winners

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Product/Service Name

Citrix Systems, Inc.


Portal for the Midsized Enterprise

NFuse Elite

Contivo, Inc.


Data Modeling and Transformation

Contivo Analyst and Contivo EIM Server

CustomerSat, Inc.

Real-Time Feedback Analytics and Intelligence

Customer Experience Management Services

Cybermation, Inc.


Enterprise Job Scheduling

ESP Espresso


Demand-Based Management for the Retail Environment

DemandTec 3

Eiffel Software


Integrated Development Environment for .NET


Geac Computer Corporation Limited, AMSI Division

Enterprisewide Multifamily Property Management



Information Security Services

Managed Security and Consulting Services

Hipbone, Inc.


Live Interaction for Contact Centers

Hipbone Synetry Chat+


Integrated Identity Management Solution

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, and IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager



Security Event Management

IBM Tivoli Risk Manager

IMlogic, Inc.

Instant Messaging Infrastructure for the Enterprise

IMlogic IM Manager

Informatica Corporation

Business Intelligence Platform

Informatica PowerAnalyzer

NativeMinds, Inc.


Self-Service Customer Support Solution


Noosh, Inc.

Collaborative Procurement Software for Printed Marketing Materials



Application Data Optimization

Application Data Management Suite

PointBase, Inc.

Java Embedded Database

PointBase Embedded Relational Database

Rainfinity, Inc.


Storage Management Appliance for NAS


Resonate, Inc.

Performance Management for Java Applications

Resonate Commander

Spirian Technologies, Inc.

Software Migration and Management for the Microsoft Environment

Spirian Deployability and Spirian Manageability

Spotfire, Inc.


Guided Analytic Platform

Spotfire DecisionSite Posters

Stratum8 Networks

Application-Level Security Appliance

Application Protection System 100 (APS-100)

Striva Corporation

Change Data Capture for the Real-Time Enterprise


Tom Sawyer Software

Java Graph Visualization for Life Sciences Applications

Graph Editor Toolkit for Java

Wakesoft, Inc.

Services-Oriented Architecture Platform for Java

Wakesoft Architecture Server